Wedding venue, meeting space, special event venue, private party venue

Our History

In 2004, the City of Killeen and county staff explored the need to provide a more comprehensive social service facility to meet the growing needs of the Killeen community. Instead of constructing a new building, it was decided that it would be more beneficial to adapt an old building for new use while still retaining many of the original historic qualities. After years of looking for a space, in December 2006 the Killeen City Council approved the purchase of the Killeen Arts & Activities Center, formerly known as First Baptist Church. In 2010, construction began to redevelop the church and turn it into a space for social, education, civic, and performing arts services.

Construction was complete in March 2012 and the Killeen Arts & Activities Center was born. Within this complex we house the Greater Killeen Free Clinic and multiple city offices. Our civic space is ideal for meetings, lectures, performing arts, workshops, exhibits, weddings, receptions, festivals, cultural events, graduations, pre/post deployment briefings, KISD events, recruitment's, training's, and more.

The completion of this building has had a positive impact on Downtown Killeen by increasing visitorship, increasing economic activity, providing a new venue for cultural activities, and adding the new Green Avenue Farmers Market and park venue.